15-25 September 2016

“Confluences” exhibition in Zurich

Pop-Up Galerie INSIGHTER presented its first nomad exhibition “CONFLUENCES” from 15th to 25th of September 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Nomad gallery owner Vanessa Métayer had selected Zurich as the first venue for her pop-up event, exhibiting artists and objects from various eras and cultures from around the world. A journey through her privately curated collection opened up a unique dialog between the artists and styles.

‘Cultivate the art of living for art‘ at Rindermarkt N°7, in the heart of old town Zurich.

insighter gallery in zurich

Paintings and sculptures from avant-garde artists such as Emili ARMENGOL, Jean-Claude CARDINAUX, Manuel MÉRIDA, Mio de MILLIOT, Wai HONG, Jean-Luc PARANT, Cary LEIBOWITZ, Edoardo STRAMACCHIA, and Whan NAMGOONG.

Unique pieces from different cultures and eras, including rare furniture from Gianni CELADA, Carlo FORCOLINI, Robert JACOBSEN, GUZZINI, INVISIBLE DU MARAIS and NICOLA L. You will be able to find antiques, decorative and design objects, curiosities, tribal art, and en vogue jewelry from Sydney CARRON, Véronique CHERANICH, Nina RICCI.
There is always something for everyone’s taste.