Insigther, founded in 2016 and managed by Vanessa Métayer, originated as a nomadic gallery. After various exhibitions and pop-up galleries in metropolitan cities in Europe, Insighter grabbed the attention of private collectors, hotels and business spaces. Vanessa’s talented eye led her to skillfully compose spaces with a  combination of tradition and avant-garde. Allowing shapes, colors and lines to merge together into sometimes unexpected performances of design and expression is one of Vanessa’s key aptitudes.

Galerie Insighter Paris by Vanessa Metayer exhibition in Paris

To compliment her interior consultation, Vanessa continues to manage Galerie Insighter, her showroom in Paris and online collection for purchase. Galerie Insighter embraces works of art from various eras, enriching the dialogue and exposure of cultural curiosities, as well as upcoming artists.


Vanessa Métayer

« The Object finds Me »

This has always been Vanessa Métayer’s life philosophy and credo. As a collector, art historian and an interior consultant her instincts have never failed her. Her showroom and nomad art gallery showcase a variation, from sculptures, paintings, lamps to unique curiosities; Vanessa has the feel for sourcing truly unique and striking objects.

Vanessa Metayer

Born in Luxembourg, she grew up with her German parents and sisters in different countries across the globe, which fostered her fascination for different cultures, their arts and their talents. Her whole life has been marked with treasures from the past, encountering artists and expanding her talent. Influenced by her parents – both eager art collectors – she already began living her passion as a child, hunting unique works of art.

After graduating from high school in Switzerland, she moved to the United States to earn her degree in Art History, which she completed with distinction. She gained her first years of practical work experience at the esteemed auction house, Christie’s in New York, followed by several years in one of the most renowned French auction houses, Drouot Paris.

She settled in Paris where she deepened her skillset over the last 20 years, working with jewelry dealers, gallery owners and decorators. During this time, she trained and sharpened her eye for objects and artworks, whilst exploring the contemporary art scene. Her network of artists and art dealers has made her sought-after with interior designers and architects, who request her expertise in discovering and acquiring unique objects for their clients.

Vanessa Métayer works with vanguard artists, high-profile designers and raw talents. Her trained eye, passionate personality and deep relationship with works of art have made her an acclaimed expert in the art world. Today, she is the owner of Insighter, creating unique spaces for her clients worldwide, while continuously expanding her showroom and online collection for purchase.