Galerie Insighter offers a unique collection of antiques, vintage design and contemporary art. The exceptional pieces in our collection can be explored and purchased through our online gallery or via the pop-up exhibitions we host several times a years throughout Europe.

The gallery’s creative driving force, Vanessa Métayer, is a passionate collector and art-historian. Drawing on her deep knowledge of the art world and experience with homedecoration, she provides interior design consultation and art advisory services for those looking to elevate their home with a distinguished art collection.

Exhibition GENESIS:

MUNICH November 2018

Stay tuned for our next pop-up exhibition in the heart of Munich!
November 2nd to 30th 2018

In the mean time, you can view and purchase all objects via the online art gallery.

Galerie Insighter Collection


From antique furniture to cultural treasures and avant-garde artists –
Galerie Insighter offers a variety of hand-chosen objects from around the world.

You can view and purchase all objects via the online art gallery.



It is more than just a room

Galerie Insighter invites you to make an appointment to enhance your living space through art pieces and other curiosities.