18 October – 6 November 2018

Akris meets Galerie Insighter

Galerie INSIGHTER has been invited by the AKRIS Fashion House in MUNICH to present
the sculptures by Vincent LAJARIGE
from Oktober 18th to November 6th 2018.

The vernissage will be hosted by AKRIS on Oktober 18th at 7 PM.
Lajarige’s totem-forest will be presented together with the BAYRISCHE STAATSOPER, and the famous star chefs from the show KOCHEN MIT MARTINA & MORITZ, who will be launching their new cookbook ‘Waldküche’.

The Akris Fashion House, established 90 years ago, has developed into a fashion house of international recognition. As a third-generation family business, the company conveys credibility and authenticity that has become a rarity in the world of fashion.

For the past 10 years, Vincent Lajarige’s art has been focused on communicating his efforts to defend the tropical rainforest, reflecting his passion in his art.
His inspiration and belief has led him to the creation of an imaginary forest, totem-like sculptures carved out of stranded wood. Through his talent, an ordinary tree trunk comes back to life and reflects a beautiful new piece of art.
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The vernissage will be hosted on Thursday 18th of October 2018 at 7 PM by invitation only.
Please feel free to contact us to be added on our guest list.