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‘Moonlight’ by Wai Hong

Galerie Insighter presents:

Wai Hong

artwork with trees by Wai Hong

‘Moonlight‘, triptique 2016
Drawing with ink on silver Xuan paper
H_55cm   W_190cm

Wai Hong, is a calligrapher and painter born 1982 in Shanghai. She lived her life between Macau and Taiwan before arriving in Paris in 2005. She formed herself over these years in traditional Chinese ink painting with a western artistic education. Hong has a way of transforming the ordinary into something unique and astonishing.

artwork with trees by Wai Hong

‘Moonlight‘, diptique 2017
Drawing with ink on silver Xuan paper
H_85cm   W_240cm

What brings her art work to life is a transmedia approach, a historical technique and an inspiring story. Her use of traditional Chinese ink creates a contemporary twist to her art, which often conveys a secret, sensual, and feminist story.

artwork with trees by Wai Hong

‘Moonlight‘, 2017
Drawing with ink on dark silver Xuan paper
H_60cm   W_120cm

Hong’s latest series “Moonlight” depicts silvery, moonlight forests on large-scale canvases. Hong utilizes a small ink brush to draw these lines; line-by-line, grain-by-grain, meticulously with patience and total focus and attention. One can compare her need for inner peace with rigid spiritual training. The combination of thousands of little dots, lines, and strokes become an elegant, culturally-rich and exclusive piece of art.

Since her first solo exhibition at the age of 17, Hong has exhibited across the globe. Her artwork has been included in Sotheby’s Gallery in Hong Kong, Art Stage Singapore, Art Taipei, and showcased throughout Paris, Zurich, New York, Miami and Montréal.

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Price range from 3.500€ to 7.000€