Ilio Signori
Flying Bird

Galerie Insighter Paris by Vanessa Metayer presents Ilio Signori

Galerie Insighter presents:

Italian artist Ilio Signori (1929)
‘Flying Bird’
Bronze, wood
20th century

Very good condition
H_ 94cm   W_25m   D_30cm


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Ilio Signori was born in 1929 in Aosta, Italy. After studying at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, under the artist Marcel Gimond, Ilio Signori realized his talent in creating traditional sculptures. His interest in the human body, in search for movement led to his idea to plaster living models, one of which, the bust of his father, earned him the Féneon Prize in 1958. In 1966, he exhibited his works at the Galerie Arts, and won the Despiau Price two years later.

Signori always remained faithful to his sculptures and its human characteristics. Starting with a cast, he then added fragments of bronze and hammered, welded sheets, in order to try and increase its human flair. Thus the work becomes the vehicle of ideas or feelings. For example, his statue « Guirriers » (1980-1981) experimented with the duality of violence as well as « Golgotha » (1972-19882) suggesting brutality and violence. Through his shapes and use of material his sculptures become more than just an object, a part of life that he aims to share with the world.