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Ruth Francken and Bernard Heidsieck
Partition V

Galerie Insighter presents:

Czech artist Ruth Francken (1924-2006) and French composer Bernard Heidsieck (1928-2014)
Partition V
Edition ‘Le Soleil Noir’
Book-object consisting of two removable telephones, a book and 6 integrated vinyl records in a sculpture
Cast aluminum and plexiglass
Signed and numbered 26/75
Signature engraved into the plexiglass at the bottom right and justification 26/75 at the bottom left
Paris 1973
Good condition, signs of age, some wear of the book
H_ 8cm   W_32cm   L_32 cm

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The discs as well as the lyrics of the book accurately resume authentic telephone discussions between the artist and the author.

Ruth Francken was a sculptor, painter, and furniture designer. Her life and career spanned over six decades, two continents, and more than half a dozen countries. She was considered an abstract expressionist early on, working with objects, sculptures, collages, and different textiles and techniques. Her art took on a more surrealist and pop-art aesthetic that focused heavily on problems and disconnects in communication.

Bernard Heidsieck