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‘Light Walls’ by Marie Chapuis

Galerie Insighter presents:

Marie Chapuis

Light Walls by Marie Chapuis
‘Fly Away’
Resine, metal pieces and pigments
H_100cm   L_80cm  D_4cm
Price on request

Marie Chapuis painting on wall in gallery

One enters the world of Marie Chapuis through the osmosis of forms, materials and light. The Light Walls resemble living sculptures, bringing new dimension to your interior. Marie Chapuis continues the cosmic dream that her late father, François Chapuis, a famous artist from the 1970s once started. It is a story of transmitting the knowledge and expertise whilst growing the masterpieces. As a young girl, you would find her in the atelier of her father, learning from his vast knowledge of resin and the technique of incorporating metal objects and color pigments into his work of arts.

In 2002, François Chapuis was asked to develop a masterpiece of a 20-meter Light Wall for the French governed company Cofiroute. Right before the completion of their greatest project yet, he suddenly passed away. Without further hesitation, Marie Chapuis found herself in the situation to finalize the project, which can still be admired in Le Mans, a city in northwestern France . These turn of events have shaped her knowledge of the materials and techniques used and contributed to her success as an artist.

Marie Chapuis painting on wall in gallery

Marie Chapuis invites us onto the great journey to the cosmos and to ourselves by joining light with colors, grasping modernity and speaking a dialog that settles instantly. Marie Chapuis has created a device, whereby its mysterious power showcases different facades depending on its natural or artificial light source. The Light Walls can be customized and used as interior partitioning, doors, self-supporting exterior walls, and stained-glass windows. They have been designed to meet the technical and aesthetic objectives of architects and homeowners. Beyond their functional role of separating a space, the Light Walls bring a new interior dimension through their translucency and intrinsic graphic qualities.

Marie Chapuis, born 1964 in Paris, France. After completing her degree in fine arts in Paris and her studies at the Beaux Art de Paris, she had various apprenticeships including in the United States, the Caribbean and Crete. During her educational years she learned to master a variation of materials and colors (pigments and resins), always in the search for light and the perfect combination. During the 1980s, in association with the “dance” movement, Marie Chapuis conducted various performances at rock concerts – combining acting, dance and painting. She managed to quickly climb the ranks and was involved over several years in both French and American cinema as an on-set painter, decorator and artist. The combination of her performance art, film career, learnings from her father and the challenges she faced has made her one of the great and unique artists of the 21st century.

Galerie Insighter presents Marie Chapuis

Marie Chapuis painting on wall in gallery

Galerie Insighter – Paris 2017
Marie Chapuis ‘Light Wall’
H_290m   L_300cm

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