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‘Tondo’ by Marc Aghemio

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Marc Aghemio

Marc Aghemio artist reading

Marc Aghemio, born 1953 in Milan, Italy, is a born Italian, by heart Brazilian painter. He grew up with his family in Brazil, where he studied at the Escola de Arte São Paolo under surrealist master Walter Lewy.

Marc Aghemio (1953)
‘Naissance d’une ville‘
Signed and dated
in front and on verso, 2016

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He moved to Paris to complete his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Paris and specialized in art conservation and restoration at the Art et Avenir School in Paris. He had the honor and talent to assist the main art restorers of the Louvre Museum; Dechelette, Rostin and Marechal. Much of his time has been spent educating and sharing his knowledge with other people, through guided tours in Paris’ top museums or lectures and courses about restoration, drawing and pigments at leading art universities worldwide.

Marc Aghemio (1953)
Signed and dated
in front and on verso, 2015

Price on request

However, his deep passion wasn’t in restoring the great arts of history but creating a history of his own through the expression of his paintings. With the use of his well depicted color pigments and oil paint, which he collects and searches during his travels abroad, he creates his palette like an alchemist in past times. His talent is furthermore his rich visual effect, as if one is drawn into a diverse landscape, traveling vertigo between sky and earth. The feel of being magnetically pulled into his scenery is even physically reinforced due to his circular canvas that one can turn around 360°, creating a master piece at every angle.

Marc Aghemio (1953)
‘Cercle des continents‘
Signed and dated
in front and on verso, 2015

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ToTondo Cercle des continents Marc Aghemio


2015 – Museu Gustavo Texeira Piracicaba – Sao Paolo, Brazil
2105 – Centro de exposição em Aguas de São Pedro – Sao Paolo, Brazil
2014 – Paris Galerie Solmondo – Villennes sur Seine, France
2002 – Garubbo BAzan Gallery – West Chester – PA., USA
1993 – William Whipple Gallery – Marshall, Minnesota, USA
1989 – Edith Grove Gallery – London, England
1989 – William Whipple Gallery – Marshall, Minnesota, USA
1989 – Wilson Center for the Arts – Huron, South Dakota, USA
1989 – Gilwood Haven Gallery – Redwood Fall, Minnesota, USA
1988 – Galerie Racines – Brussels, Belgium
1988 – Galerie Catherine van Notten – Geneva, Switzerland
1982 – Alternate Space at West Broadway – New York, USA
1974 – Galeria Documenta – São Paulo, Brazil

Aghemio himself defines his work of arts as “vain for many but indispensable for humanity –
at least for his life, his works have been vital.”

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