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Bracelet by Jens Galschiøt

Galerie Insighter presents:

Vintage modernist bracelet by danish artist Jens Galschiøt (1954)
Silver plated sculptured bracelet with a large rough quartz
Designed for Smykkesmeden, Danemark
Marked Smykkesmeden, Danemark
Good condition, a few micro scratches due to use
H_3,5cm   W_6cm   D_7cm
Weight 124g


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Jens Galschiøt could be considered as one of the most significant Danish artist of late modernity (after 1980). His artistic production covers a wide field of expression; from jewellery and small dainty figures to gigantic, politically emphatic sculptures. He is among the best-known Danish artists abroad. His reputation extends from Hong Kong, and Mexico to Germany, Spain and the U.S.A.