Project Description

Sculptural painting ‘Tetlepanquetral‘ by Guy Briand

Galerie Insighter presents:

Sculptural painting ‘Tetlepanquetral‘ by french artist Guy Briand
Accumulation of feather, wood, carton encased in a plexiglas box
Signed and dated on verso
Very good condition

Price on request

If interested in purchasing or viewing please contact Galerie Insighter.

Guy Briand, an artist of many shapes, textures and sizes.
Already as a young boy he collected little treasures during his walks, holding them tight: feathers, twigs or barks of trees – anything he could find. They become part of a a collection; full of butterfly wings, shells or rocks in precious shapes. Each object told a story, a daydream making the austere daily landscape a little sweeter. Later he turned his collection into works of art – combining different materials to create a new piece of art.
Briand is an expert at creating contemporary art – between lyrical abstraction and cubism he creates an art piece that lasts forever.