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Glass sculpture ‘Tête’ by Gilles Chabrier

Galerie Insighter presents:

Glass sculpture ‘Tête‘ by French artist Gilles Chabrier (1959)
Beautiful ‘corning’ glass sculpture
Signed and dated 1999
Very good condition
H_40cm   L_24cm   D_7,5cm


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Gilles Chabrier was born 1959 in France and trained as a glass engraver. It was his stepping-stone into mastering sandblasting, the art of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants. Very quickly, the flat surface of industrial glass plates was no longer sufficient for him and he turned to sculpture, thus making the most of what glass offers in terms of depth and transparency.

Chabrier sculpts human heads, which are all different in dimensions, color, movement and expression; these faces are directly cut from glass blocks, whereby Chabrier respects the original shapes and inherent movement of these blocks. From human heads sculptures to witches’ mirrors, light up totems to decorative furniture, Chabrier offers a panel of unique creations. Recently, he has experimented with light, incorporating photoluminescence into the material, thus creating works with a life as much diurnal as nocturnal.

Chabrier is a member of  “Les Grands Ateliers De France”, a unique cooperation of hand selected artists which represents the highest selections of artisan work in decorative arts in France.


2008 – Palm Beach 61ème Festival de Cannes
2005 – Galerie Artémisia Monaco
Galerie Alexandre Leadouze Paris, France
2002 – Galerie Silice Paris, France
2000 Comtemporary Art Center, Utrech, Netherlands
Glasmuseet, Ebeltoft, Denmark
1999 – Contemporary Art Center, Utrech, Netherlands
Dubai, United Emirates
1998 – Comtemporary Art Center, Utrech, Netherlands
Espace Chaillot, Paris, France
Métropole Palace, Monaco
Galerie Sordello, Paris, “Homme de verre Femme de verre”
1997 – Comtemporary Art Center, Utrech, Netherlands
1996 Galerie Sordello “Champs d’ames” Paris, France
1995 Art Glass center Utrech, Netherlands
Galerie Chapelotte “Rencontre derrière le miroir”, Luxembourg
Galerie Espace 54, Nancy, France
Miller Gallery, New-York , U.S.A