Project Description

Bronze sculpture ‘Epi Centre‘ by Dominique Rayou 1993

Galerie Insighter presents:

Bronze sculpture  ‘Epi Centre’ by Dominique Rayou (1957)
Bronze with a dark brown patina
Signed, numbered and dated ‘4/8, 1993’ (on the side)
Inscribed Amlio Fondeur, Cire Perdue
Very good condition
H_23cm   W_23cm   D_23cm


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Dominique Rayou is a French sculptor who began his passion in carrier at the young age of 20. As a self-taught sculptor, he had his first exhibition in 1981 and earned the first prize for his work.

Rayou illustrates as a means of working with various elements of the human body – focusing only on a partial area: hands, arms, and especially busts, alone or in pairs. Through this he portrays the human body as an element of abstract composition, allowing the viewer to reflect and imagine their vision. Rayou uses various materials to induce curiosity – from wood, marble to bronze. Through the direct cute into the stone, for example marble, he releases the natural beauty of nature, revealing its colors and shapes. In more recent works, Rayou has used bronze to realize some of his art pieces, capturing a new dimension all together.


2012 – 2005 – 2004 – Het Depot Foundation, Netherlands
2010 – General European Council
2007 – General Council of the Dordogne
– Museum of Modern Art of the city of Tunis
2003 – Foundation 15 square de Vergennes
1992 – Museum of Modern Art of the City of Toulouse
– Hotel of region midi Pyrenees
1991 – City of Sarlat
1986 – Embassy of France in Austria