Description du projet

André Cazenave for Atelier A

Galerie Insighter presents:

André Cazenave (1928-2003) for Atelier A
Model ‘Dorra’
Vintage moon-rock floor lamps
Marble, resin
Marked underside with original Atelier A stamp sticker
France circa 1970s
Good condition, has no defects, but it may show slight traces of use
Different sizes: oversized to small

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These naturally shaped rock ambiance lamp featuring luminous oversized pebbles are hand sanded out of polyester resin and marble powder. The surface of each rock lamp is more less unique since each one is hand-finished.

These wonderful modernist floor or table lamps were inspired by nature and conceived to introduce nature design into the home with new visual nuances and sensations in contemporary home interiors. According to André Cazenave, the ‘Dorra’ rock lamp collection, with its distinctive organic shape and natural colors, was designed to bring the outdoors inside the urban living environment and to re-establish the relationship between people and the source of nature.

They display an incredible warm glow and the lamp’s texture recall that of the moon’s surface . Hence, this light source combines two distinctive important features of nature: light and earth.